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The Citrus Research Program is the grower-funded and grower-directed program established in 1968 under the California Marketing Act as the mechanism enabling the state's citrus producers to sponsor and support needed research. The program is administered by the Citrus Research Board, which is better known in the industry as simply "CRB."

  •  Psyllid Management Area Meetings in Tulare County

    Coordinated treatments are the most effective way to manage the Asian citrus psyllid and protect our state’s citrus from the incurable Huanglongbing disease.  Area-wide treatment is coordinated through localized “Psyllid Management Areas”, or PMAs, and lays the framework for how neighboring growers should synchronize treatments for the maximum impact on this pest if/when there is an infestation.

    For detailed information, the meeting times, and to register, go to www.citrusinsider.org

    PMAs in Southern Tulare Co.
    July 22, 2014
    Porterville Veterans Memorial
    PMAs in Central Tulare Co.
    July 24, 2014 
    Exeter Veterans Memorial
    PMAs in Northern Tulare Co.
    August 7, 2014
    Kearney Ag Center



    Presentations now available from CRB/UCCE Seminar Series

    The CRB/UCCE Citrus Growers Education Seminars were held June 27, July 15 and July 17.  See the presentations from each seminar by clicking on the location/date below:  

     Central Coast
    Friday, June 27         
        Southern California
                Tuesday, July 15           
      Central California
                Thursday, July 17            

  • Introducing the First Comprehensive Manual on Citrus Production, from

    University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

    For more info, including ordering, visit:  http://anrcatalog.ucanr.edu/

  • CRB Past Research - Deficit Irrigation - David A. Goldhamer

    In a year when water is scarce, deficit irrigation is a method to consider.  CRB funded  two research projects on regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) conducted by David Goldhamer in 1997-2000 and 2002-2006.  You can find these project reports categorized by year below. 

        Regulated Deficit Irrigation of Orange Under High Evaporative Demand - Goldhamer    
                    1997   1998 1999  2000 (Completion Report)
          Using Regulated Deficit Irrigation to Optimize Size in Late Harvest Navels - Goldhamer     
               2002  2003  2004 2005 2006 (Completion Report)


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